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Ribeira Brava: The barn of the first Atlantic City


Tour Resume

Join our tour to gain insight into our culture, history, and the science behind transforming an uninhabited island into World´s Leading Island Destination. Our focus will be on the following subjects:

1) An overview of the geological formation and characteristics of the Madeira Archipelago.;

2) A depiction of the flash floods that happened on Madeira Island.;

3) Interpretation of the spatial planning for the village of Ribeira Brava.;

4) Observation in situ of quaternary alluvial deposits and subaerial lava flows;

5) Summary of Madeira's Settlement;

6) Engineering particularities of the manor house of Captain Luis Silva;

7) Observation of one of the Portuguese's Global Heritage Stones;

8) The relationship between sugar cane mills and the socio-economic evolution of Madeira.;

9) Observation of the Portuguese-pavement style and the Madeiran-pavement style applied in the Town Hall building;

10) Resume about the foundation of the Ribeira Brava Municipality;

11) Visit a grocery store and try one of Madeira's popular drinks;

12) Examining the macroscopic features of geological materials utilized in constructing houses;

13) Explore the vibrant Ribeira Brava market, showcasing unique colors and energy that shift with the seasons.

About the Tour

Available Languages
English and Portuguese

2:30 h + Optional Visits

Optional Visits
Treasure Room of Ribeira Brava Church and Ethnographic Museum of Madeira

Bring your rented car or request a private car transfer with a professional chauffeur

Sunblock, hat, sunglasses, comfortable shoes, and clothes


Advantageous Characteristics
Avoid crowds

Indicated for adults and children of any age
Personalized tour 

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