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Ribeira Brava: The barn of the first Atlantic City


In this Science-Based Tour, we will embark on a journey starting with the formation of the planet Earth, passing through the geological characteristics of the Madeira archipelago and its settlement by the Portuguese...


       ⏰ 2:30h + Optional Visits

       💬 English and Portuguese

       🏛️ Museums and Built Heritage

       🚶  Walking Tour


Início: About Us

Your Local Guide

After completing my master´s degree at the University of Évora, I return to my hometown to work in a local company as a geological engineer. Returning to the place where I was born with the knowledge that I acquired, awakened a new scientific perspective of what the Island is and what has to offer. Since then, I have spent my free time trying to satisfy my natural curiosity to unclose the scientific base of popular knowledge, shared through generations since the settlement. The same knowledge that allowed my grandparents to live a sustainable life. Additionally, Madeira is evolving into a mass tourism island which, in my opinion, is not the way. The guided tours are my contribution to the preservation of the real essence of the Madeira people. Join me to find it!

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About us

Vicente GeoTours provides authentic science-based tours in the Madeira archipelago where you, as well as your family and friends, have an opportunity to explore, for example, the synergetic relationship between visiting an Island 7 million years old and learning about six centuries of history and culture. In addition, several concepts related to geodiversity, biodiversity, landscape, architecture, engineering (etc.) are addressed during the tours, always guided by Sandro Vicente, a local geology engineer. In a nutshell, join our guided tours to sense and perceive the surrounding environment and unclose science's role in our daily lives.

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National Registry of Tourist Animation Agents (RNAAT) no. 605/2022

Estrada Manuel Mendes Sousa, n.º 29, 9350-254 Ribeira Brava

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